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StarEye, i have to ask the question..

Did you have a competative younger or older brother / sister?

If the answer is no, then i fear i may have a theory as to why you have not managed to break a joystick. truth be said in my house if you haddent broken a gaming device of some sort then your still a gaming virgin *as you would still have your cherry so to speak LOL*

okay, there isnt anything sacred in the gaming device world (with exteption to the atari joystick. nothing stoped that thing)

Truth is though cheap gaming devices had a life expectancy of 5-10 minutes while branded tended to last the better of a month, (the quickshot2 turbo lasted nearly 3. Since there was both myself and my younger brother both beating games and each other (more often than not with fists and ends of joysticks) these poor gaming devices didnt stand a chance.. school holidays were worst.. atleast another new joystick per month. well we did have both a spectrum and a CBM64

so how do i list this hmmm okay... broken by computer and game.

Retro Spectrum:

(Oldskool Beginings)

Daily tompsons decathalon. (otherwise known asscreaming joystick death)
Monty Mole (jump jump ju-clink...and there was no more jumping)
Manic minor (jump wiggle.. jump wiggle... jump.. wigg.. eh? feck dead damn penguin.... hmm no wiggle...)


(since most of these are left/right up/down fire based game the lil-joy got a good allround beating.)

Track and Field Winter Games (in all directions it would die)
SUmmer Games (The firebutton... oh how it was abused.....)
Autum Games (strange this game Always killed the down axis)
Winter Olimpiad (otherwise known as the graveyard of joysticks)


(heres where its at folks!)

Sensi-Soccer (watch my bannana goal ! click... clink* and no bannanas)
Double Dragon (the meanies deserverd the face smahing after breaking X number of fire buttons)
Mortal Kombat (a way of determining whom was right amongst us and whom had the better constructed gamedevice too!)
StreetFighter (the dirty way to kill a joystick, first togo. firebutton second togo was the joy-device through the window!)

I could sooooooooooo go on..... however.. if we side step a moment. If a game has our attention or focus so intent upon it, that makes us forget the failings of an interface (and or even the knowledge of using one) untill it breaks... one can say two things..

(a) that game was awsome to play *since it had taken you out of reality*
(b) the interface to the game was that good you had forgotten that you was using it.

I dont know to behonest if i consider gamedevices a consumable product (like printer food), i know i have gone through many many Keyboards only them bomb-proof dell keyboards last the distance.

Perhaps it does show the user in a light were they forget all abandon and totaly emerse themselfs in the game, you know like ya noob gran or cousin that moves left and right in the seat as the vehicle on the screen moves.. there are still some games that do that for me, and thank god they do as it takes me back to my childhood... such days..

Long time Joystick Hall of fame

Atari 2600 Joystick *i still have two of these.. and they work*
Quickshot Mk2 Turbo (indeed microswitched to hell and back)
The Zipstick (although good still went through 6 of these)
Sega Gamepad (there were more comftable but none lasted as long)
Sony playstation controller (indeed a revolution in gaming technology!)

Hall of Joystic Shame

Any 2.99 Kempston Joystick
The Bug (amiga: nasty colours and bad design)
Cheapo Sony PSX controllers (d-pad was poor and broke and tore in the finger)
Nintendo Game pad.. (ugly uncomfy and awkward!)
Master system pad ( please see above)

anyway i feel this post is huge enough....

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