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The "waggle" games isn't to blame, I believe a good amount of people handle the joysticks with less-than-delicate force. Haven't you seen how many games almost rip their controller apart when they try to turn the car left/right in racing games for instance? Me, I just don't get it. It's a mechanical item, it should be handled with care, don't use full force to turn left or right, up or down. Don't slam the firebutton as if you're trying to beat it up. Press the buttons normally, like you'd push a on/off switch on the pc. You don't hit a button, you press it (when it says "hit the firebutton to exit" it's just a figure of speech, you're not supposed to hit it )

And when you pull the joystick in either direction... it doesn't go any further than what it's built for. You're not supposed to push or pull it beyond the limit.
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