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Originally Posted by MortimerTwang
I've got a version of swos that is the '1.2 International Edition' is that different to the ones you have???
that version is just the normal Sensible Soccer and it doesnt have a transfer market for players and doesnt have a lot of teams like SWOS , Moreover the gameplay is different a bit, SWOS is Sensible World of Soccer and it was released for the first time on the Amiga in 94.

check this its from :

''v1.2 of Sensible Soccer, this was another update in time for the 1994 World Cup. Again, not many differences to be found, about the only two were the addition of a referee who appeared only when you got a card, and a slight enlargement of the graphics. Also included all teams who played in USA '94, as well as some of the ones that didn't (like England). Again it was published by Renegade''.

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