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err i have also keep getting the same suspend / reboot dialog.

what settings do i need to put UAE on to get it running ok? (i really dont want to have to sit and experiment until it works) i had a copy of Blitz 2.1 working fine... but it was missing pleanty of files (all the Extras stuff)

also can anyone recommend ay guides for making stuff with Blitz? I am new to it, but i used to play around with AMOS a lot so i picked Bltiz for its similarites. There was a great AMOS game-making guide Amiga Format did once (Ulitmate Amos) is there anything like this around? the only links to guides i could find didnt seem to work

thanks for any help u can give me. your reward will be in watching me build another dodgy PD amiga game. (but with great music! - modest aint i?)
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