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Originally Posted by Henk Nieborg. Lionheart GFX artist
Hi Alex,

How are you doing? In fact i do remember Cedric. I got a thing for always remembering the most useless stuff, but anyways.... When i was running around a german game convention back in '92 or something i got introduced to some austrian guys/publishers who did this game. You had loads of small companies popping up back then manufacturing b-grade games. I was already working on Flink at that time.

You can say that the game was heavily inspired by Lionheart and it shows. Nothing wrong with that btw. I remeber they also wanted a comment from me on this but can't exactly recall what i said. Anyway i got nothing to do with this game.

Cheers, Henk.
Henk Nieborg's 2D gfx are great even today.
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