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ISTR myself having a similar problem, it was to do with power and disk recognition speed. so..

What type of hard drive are you using? I am assuming 2.5"?
Which power supply do you use, again I am assuming the standard A600 brick.

From memory, I had to do the following..

Use HDToolbox to set up drive, this gave me an icon on the workbench dh0:NDOS???
I formatted the drive (Using Workbench) after ensuring that it was checked as bootable.
I did NOT reboot at this time
Then I transfered the Workbench floppy files to the HD
Then I removed the floppy and rebooted with a 3 fingered salute, (Ctrl A A)

I now have to fire up the computer, wait for the "Insert disk" screen, then 3 finger salute again to get things working. I also cut one of the cable leads, can't remember which one, you would have to look it up. This did improve my booting.

If this works for you, you can either live with, or yoiu might benefit from getting a better power supply? (I decided to just live with it as I do not use the A600 at all now).

good luck
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