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Ok I will be specific I am running Amikit as a CLEAN installation on a 2.7ghz xp OS machine with 1.5gig ram & all soundout put via an X-Fi Elite Pro Sound card, which has not had any problems with any of the many sound apllications I have run on pc.

The issue of a POOR score is the miss-timing of the idividual tracks whether its running Eagle Player or Hippo. I was not looking for Amikit to "suddenly" make 8bit or higher samples sound like perfection but timing is a SERIOUS ISSUE.

Also I should mention the stutter & delay of sound while running a key file licenced version of the Frog player ..which currently runs well in small windows for picture but NOTat its default size & still with sound issues above

Perhaps this is occuring because your essentially running an emulator inside an emulator ?

I really don't know as I have not spent any real time using WINuae to compare it with.

I can positvely say thats its handling of the Amiga CD cover disks & Cd based programmes runs flawlessly..well at least so far I await the adding of real MUI files to add my drawstudio to really test it { I will be using my own registered versions of both}

So at least for now I hope you can answer the MOD player question, as I know it might require some adjustments to WINuae defaults it may be worth adding to the installation notes of Amikit hat some things DON'T run from a straight installation.

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