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Thankyou mycroft69

It makes it an APPLICATION PROBLEM if you asking asking about registration of two of the previously hosted applications on that site ie MUI & MWB & their support files

Then it is a problem as the site also contained its own collection of updated classes for MUI , while these have not truly been touched or updated for a few years then you could say say " So what ?"

But it is yet another source of files that will be missed unless they are known to be hosted elsewhere.

Certainly from my point of view & the " Keyring website" it is another door closed on registrations for those who want to run older machines & with the loss of MUI a much more difficult job of getting net applications as in Ibrowse, Jabberwocky etc to run as they t rely on MUI classes.

Can we have some confirmation that this closure is perminent ?

As while I will run my useal checks others MAY have better sources of information
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