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Lightbulb The Truth is out there

nikemoto2511 REAL NAME = alex finn, dublin, ireland.

Favorite things

Mad magazine , retro games & news speak

These details found from open links on his website homepage

After reading through various entries on Alex's site it seems quite clear he is just trolling on this board by " pretending to be interesting"

This why his sentences make little or no sense at all as he merely adds phrases out of context in order to appear as though there is grain of truth in the "Bucket of Shite" that the rest of his entries contain.

Consequently I am locking this thread & unless you Alex decide to stop playing games in thread & wasting peoples time you will find yourself banned.

This is an international board where English is the common language, consequently we make allowances for those whoose sentence structure & spelling are not perfect.

So far you have abused mebership by playing Techno Troll games

Writting thngs just to get a reaction,cryptic clues & blarney aside do us one favour

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