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Originally Posted by mr_a500
I think the man wants specifics about what he missed.

1. You can actually play Doom 2 on an Amiga now (I play all the time on my A500!)
3. Not many new games - 1995 seemed to be cut-off point
Thanks for the answers. Hmmm, i will check out Doom 2 on Amiga. It's too bad there aren't any good games since 1995. On all threads i have read here on eab the discussed games are from before 1995 - i know/played most of them

@Zetr0: Around the year 2000 i was addicted to Ultima online, no time for UT. But got Q4 last week. But it's an Amiga Board, we are off-topic

What about Demo Scene then? Anyone can tell me about "must see" demos i missed since 1995??
@NOB: The Black Lotus made some cool demos, that's what i looked for. More please!

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