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I think the man wants specifics about what he missed.

1. You can actually play Doom 2 on an Amiga now (I play all the time on my A500!)

2. WHDload - almost every Amiga game working from harddrive!

3. Not many new games - 1995 seemed to be cut-off point

4. Amiga does internet stuff now (better, faster) - Miami, IBrowse, YAM, Jabberwocky

5. Better productivity stuff - FinalWriter 97, Wordworth 7, Pagestream, Scala MM400, STfax

6. 2 pathetic attempts at a new Workbench - 3.5 & 3.9, both just WB 3.1 with added shareware

7. Fancy Workbench look improvement programs - VisualPrefs, MagicMenu, TitleShadow, Newicons

8. Hundreds of useful WB tools/utilities - Scout, SnoopDOS, DrivePrefs, XAD, VirusZ, Iconian

9. Lots of stupid pointless bickering and arguing between AmigaOS and MorphOS fans
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