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Originally Posted by marco pedrana
i don't understand. what's the point of this whole thread?
1) to produce new software for old machines? that's something that people does in free time with little to zero marketable scope, just for fun
2) to prodoce old software for new machines? same as first point; moreover the drive to do something should be the drive to do it good.
3) a generic rant on how the amiga should be alive and well? well it shouldn't as the users evidently have express their preferences in a different way. of course that it is largely not their choice as probably a different Commodore (or another company for the matter) during the years could as well be still delivering new smart Amiga-like hardware today. with the accent on "smart". as the things are not so and presume they could be changed on a whim, without substantials transformations is kinda nonsense.
4) a generic rant on how much Amiga is/was alike other new/old hardware and OS? well and so what? you could as well check the differences. point is that the interfaces, all of them, have at the two extremes diverse stuff on one side, with diverse meaning, and people, with common traits on the other side, so structurally they have similitudes.

please can you articulate more clearly what's your point? thanks
new, old software for old, new machines. long sentence: new software made with old-fashioned tools in plain old style, for newly produced replica of old machine.

3) this means to outsource: no keyboard, mouse, no psu, no parallel/serial port, usb ports and built in operatings system. clearly no extension slots (or a bus junction like the A500 zorro).

to do advances graphics: this does not require an amiga, x86 pc's are the better choice for multimedia. people do not have to produce advanced graphics in their spare time, but should have the right to reproduce media like cd/dvd. it takes hours to make custom compilations, i wonder who does it except students or poor communities.

microsoft puts light editions of windows on the market (thailand) because of piracy. it looks they are stooping it by making it ineffective, "pirate copiers pointed at" in the near future. reading the news about and from microsoft, the commodore empire looks different, they just were without the experience about people (computer users) "we" have gathered in the last twenty years. even todays assumption are still ineffective, like overly increased security means (which produce strong hacking attempts and also "social engineering").

if people read what microsoft writes, they may understand that's not just an evil empire (though a cash machinery) but producing a stream of software, technical documentation and generating news about itself. it is clearly an improvent compared to old commodore advertising (and ideas), however, this evolution has not yet stopped, windows itself has not come to a status where it withstands hacking attempts by structure. because based on ms-dos (win95/98), they had and still have to update the kernel, system dll's and so on. one time, they might not need further update anymore for a long time, and this makes hacking ineffective then.

do not read these things: no gurantee it contains any information.

just saying the amiga is a television game console with the same processor like the sega megadrive. this machine requires licensing for software programming. the amiga does not.
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