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amiga workbench: hold "shift" and click icons --> sort of evidence windows actually represents a workbench implementation.

GNU=reverse acronym for GNU is NOT UNIX.
however i believe amiga os 1.3/3.1=UNIX.

years ago i read in an amiga magazine: (hdd installation guide) "red is black and plus is minus".

amiga *is* NOT a "multimedia pc". it's a "UNIX based television game console".

people say "multimedia pc" and do not fully know the meaings of the terms. and don't wanna probably: not "compulsory required" for "multimedia playback" and "professional word processing".

the quotations "" --> suggestion to look up these words in a dictionary and "get entertained" by their "self-contained hilarity".

guess "you" won't say "UNIX *is* dead"...
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