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Originally Posted by nikemoto2511
1. the thumbnail visualizes the cyborg plot requirement.
2. it won't a text adventure- the zooming of the bats means ISO3D (UTOPIA style:animated sprites=same size except the bats).
3. open source project: license purchase possible, not obligatory for private people. it has nothing to do with shareware or PD.

the purpose of the efforts: to make the amiga a computer for programmers and "managers who type themselves and also work out a few things on paper". there are not that many screensavers for WB1.3 and it won't ask you each day: "do you wanna install macromedia and get a few years of compulsory popup requesters".

Now I'm lost.. what does any of this have to do with Amiga.. face it the Amiga is pretty much a dead platform, and if you think it can replace the current pc.. forget it.!

You are right there aren't as many screensavers and you don't get bugged to install this and that.. but then I don't have any screensavers on my PC and I don't get asked to install this or that unless i'm trying to open a specific file for a specific piece of software!

As for an Amiga game.. good luck and I hope it pans out well for you.. you seem to know what you want, but right now you are not communicating effectively to others!
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