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Welcome back Amigan Adderly,

Okay, well as you explore these forums you will find to ones delight all the things that made amiga (the community) that for me atleast is the biggest thing i missed over the last 10 years.

insofar as games, there were a few and even some hardware improvments and extra dongles one could buy. there is here in this requeium of fellow Amigans that one can find demo's, musics games, news, solve software and hardware problems join in some revival projects too.

its all good.

dont be too disheartened for trading in an Amiga for a PC in 1995, Doom2 after all was quite yummy indeed, i managed to hold off buying a PC untill 2000 when Unreal Tornament came out.... damn that was such a yummy game,

only thing though i was in the lucky position that i didn`t have to sell either of my Amiga's.

I have unfortuntely shrugged off the cheap-thrills PC gamming has to offer, the super smart gfx and the such like (okay okay... i have bought Quake4... but its sooooo nice)
anyways i find myself more on these forums and on my emulated or real amiga.

So welcome back home fellow amigan.

P.S. dont worry about wlcina, he gets grumpy if he doesnt have his breakfast in the morning
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