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I was not much more than 11years old when it came out on the arcades and it was an unprecedented 20p per go!!!!!!

it looked sooo good.... as the real voice would anounce

"Dragons lair.....Battle you way through...." and on it would go... i can even smell the ice-cream from the stand next to it.....

mesmorized i would look in wonder at this new LASER disk technology and wonder upon the smoothness and slick animations of the game...

after bugging my parents relentlessly for an hour for 20p to play.... i would walk upto the machine... slowly releasing the recently new funny shaped 20p into the slot hearing a light chink as it hits a very full reserve....

There i am for the firs moment as the game begins,..... okay doge down ... oh wait..

screen goes black... and i wait the impossible second, is the machine broken i thought.. i better get my 20p back...

oh wait... there ...hang on ... i see my character die....

i'm dead.... insert coins....


Feking crap inpossible game that was designed to RIP me off!!!!!! /GRRRRRrrrr and space ace..... SUCKED as much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bring back ghost and goblings!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was a 10p game worthy of 20pence!!!!!

and insofar there were plenty of more better games, G&G, Spy Hunter, Super Galaxians, Wonderboy, Shinobie, Double Dragon, Ikari Warriors, Starwars to name but a few...

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