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Originally Posted by glwxxx
what source of system files have you used? When does the crash appear exactly? btw. maybe it's something WinUAE related and not AmiKit...

generally, this is the problem of VisualPrefs and OS itself... Changing the settings on the fly is not so easy...

yes, it happens to me as well. This is due to NTFS partition where your AmiKit is installed. This message doesn't appear under FAT32 or .hdf
Again, this behaviour is related to WinUAE and its amiga disk emulation and/or Windows NTFS...
The crashes are randomly, most when i try to change & save settings. Or when i copy files with DirOpus 4. But it maybe crashed in other actions, i can't remember. I will try to copy my Amikit package to a .hdf, maybe it works more stable. Thanks for the hints.
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