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/me lost

Can I ask? Is English your first language? I find it difficult understanding most of your posts!

(maybe it's just me being thick!)

Originally Posted by nikemoto2511
have a look this scratch:

level 1: spider forest, unholy pathway, graveyard entrance, cemetery,
rusty cemtery fence and abandoned coffin shop.

level 2: bat garden, mansion entrace (flesh eating flowers),
rotten stairway, gruesome piano salon, downwards furnace, rat infested cellar.
the player defeats over the boss: a hudge spooky spider.
that's it and presentation of a silver grail (with black spots): labelled "2nd class shineholy grail",
small print: refurbishing needs, exchange for little gift or sugarfree candy possible at the checkout.

just a playable demo in ISO3D, 16/32 colors, 2mb memory required.
this demo = vaporware, chances for realization = good.
dont' send money now, but can you make a reasonable contribution (to the work)?
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