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Re: Dreamzone?

Originally posted by Big-Byte
Are the files there different to the ones at pe2000?
Link please?

May I also be the first to wish everyone a Merry
(I saw the first proper xmas advert complete with xmas music on tv last night)

I also know what one of my presents is.. It looks like a N64 joypad but plugs straight into your telly and has 108 games built in (Graphics look better than NES but worse than megadrive..) and has such games as Donkey Kong, Contra, Gradius and Duckshoot on it

Anyone else seen it?
yes. The Dreamzone does have different files than PE2000 but I have no idea if it's still up. The mirrors that I know of have been taken down. Anyone know a working link?

I know that N64 looking thingy. They sell it at the markets for $60AUS (about 20pounds). I always looked at it and wondered what it's specs were. I always thought it was just like an Atari, but a week ago I actually picked one up and looked to see a cartridge that looks strikingly like a Famicom cartridge. So, I think it can *POSSIBLY* use them
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