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Originally Posted by keropi
Suddenly on ny 3.9BB2 installation, the ramdisk icon does not save its position, and on every reboot is on the center of the screen.... any ideas?
The ram disk icon never saves its position. The ram disk is temporary storage which vanishes when the computer is reset or switched off. You have to do special tricks in order to get the ram disk icon snapshotted.

One trick which works on any OS version is to copy the file manually to a place on HDD and add a line to the startup scripts which copies the hdd version of the icon into the ram disk before Workbench loads. You have to update the HDD copy manually after each change.

The other trick which works since OS3.5 is to manually copy the ram disk icon to envarc:sys/ after a snapshot. This file is taken automatically as default if there is no file in ram (which is true on every boot up).

Finally the most convenient way is to add a line to the user-startup file which creates a soft link from to envarc:sys/ This way a snapshot of the ram disk automatically saves the icon to the default icon file.

If you do none of the above, the icon looses its position on every boot-up. And AFAIK none of the above is part of the OS3.9 installation process. You have to add it manually.
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