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The above poster is firstly confusing Windoze virtual memorey programmes with WB based virtual drive storage.

His confusion becomes more compounded with this error the further he goes into his post.

Mistaking compatability between old motorola 6800 based machines & todays standard PC's, somewhere he misses the fact that Amiga emulators run on PC's are an "artificial bubble" created on the machine as a VIRTUAL AMIGA as opposed to a real code running of Amiga programmes on the PC.

To say amiga demo's could just run on the pc direct is nonsense, as is equally something coded for PC running INSTANTLY on an Amiga.

A confusion of hardware & OS assumptions that need more in depth knoledge before any of the above could be considered more than a rant .

So sorry nikemoto2511 you are eiether on stronger medication than I am & currently delusional ......or you are a misunderstood GENIUS that we mere mortals are incappable of folowing.....please do not make it a POLL
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