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new software for 1.3/2.0 systems

now, the needs for copy protection coding tricks and low memory systems are gone. most amigas have 1 or even 2 megabyte, and hard disks.

it is even possible to emulate these machines, include a hard drive directory.

equipped with 2 megabyte, and hard disk (another 10 megabyte), the A500/A600 look different than back the age when they were introduced.

probably the amiga can get a platform for 2d games, even professional (not scene scrollers) demos.

there are a few demos on the x86 machines, addressing directx. experience with the amiga chipset helps to write better pc software!
the scrolling of a few x86 demo's has room for improvement.

i am even trying to write an assembler for the 68k processor.
not to say my coding attempts under OS1.3

the point of this post:

some people make great demo/game for the windows pc. it works "fast" on their own machine only, matching their specific graphics card/memory configuration. shipped out, a few are unplayable/awful slow.

experience with amiga programming model let programmers use a timer based framework, not difficult to do under windows/visual c++ once one knows how to. and the A500 runs on 7mhz all the time.

if pc game programmers establish two or three amiga (1.3/ocs) games/demos in the first run, the later x86/windows product improves greatly. not to do "bad speak": a few creations require 24bit directx10, however, only utilize 10 or so colors, and simple sound effects.

i had in mind to do it on the mega drive, however, it requires a license!
the amiga does not require this license: people are allowed to create software for it.

interested in my 68k assembler: open source, compileable by a commerical IDE which has put to public domain recently. it works on microcode tables, resembling the 68k processor itself, to allow most possible authentic software.

however, it is not "free for anyone" for unlimited use- if "you" make a great business on it, this requires a license then, as well corporate usage. the decision for open source was made to proove that "hacking" is neither efficient nor required.

my plans: to offer a few new software products: for download(full working versions), or shipping on floppy/memory card. do not understand it as shareware: it just allows to "order" a so-called license. once a license was purchased, this "offcially" allows to create derived work.

a reader of the mad magazine, of course i make statistics, how many people download how many times, how many buy a license. basically the products (68k assembler) are put up to gather statistical data about amiga users. the software might get available within three months. the microcode table already exists.

let's give these hackers a free visual studio edition (some hacking required to make it run, as well hours of download/search), buy a pentium pc and windows "hacking" license sticker. and, in turn of it, make the amiga a computer for real programmers, professional people who need to do their business on computers(like managers who type themselves), and kiddies who "buy" original software. windows pc's are taking the load of "multimedia" display, playback, mp3 distribution, "professional" word processing and internet access.

definetively i could do most of my work, like trying out algorithms, on a plain amiga 500. sometimes i write "crap", like this post, and could also do it on paper (yes paper, it works). why shops do not offer items like amiga 500/1200, always have to minimize the cost (storage). or a new amiga: no keyboard/disk drive/ports, just usb connectors. one of my ideas: to make such a replica using modern chip technology. the chipset has patent on it, probably they would wrote a letter to me: do not do it. it does not look even difficult: a prototype including 256k (16bit)=512k RAM and 128k flash memory already exists.

do not understand a few things: that's me too. it has improved by reading things ten times if necessary.
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