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Take a look at the files on disk. It's mostly an AmigaDOS script! Using Hippoplayer to play the music an PPanim for splash screens (please don't laugh at my lameness)

All the little bits of code are in Blitz2, with a couple of bits of 68k in there.

I agree that the ADF's suck! But I have been trying to find coders to collaborate with for years, NOTHING! (well, Whizz/ex. Apathy was kind enough to send me some blitz and 68k source - Thx) So I thought maybe if I put some stuff up on the aminet maybe ppl would take me a little more serious and want to work with me.

But what did you think of "one minute mind". My current project is almost exactly the same as that as far as music and visuals go: only it goes for 20min instead of 1min, and the routine varies a lot more.

If ANYONE coder or graphic would like to lend a hand. PLEASE contact me via EAB or EMAIL. I would really like to enter a demo in the xmas compo.
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