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I've already given these first three points of feedback before:

1. The scanlines don't look good on your site. They are really just a sacrifice to speed up emulation rather than a visual preference and aren't needed on the website.

2. Game downloads are labelled as ZIPs but are actually RAR format

3. In the RAR the two ADFs are inappropriately named; Battle Circle.adf and Battle.adf. It would be better to name them as 'Game' and 'Data disk' or 'Disk 1' and 'Disk 2'.

The following points are from playing it again over the weekend:

4. It is confusing to have a Prefs button along the top but also a 'right click' screen where there are more prefs (e.g. sound effects off) and a prominent quit button. Bring them all under one section and make it less easy to quit the program.

5. A consistent style or theme is needed. The game opens with a fantasy picture, then moves to space starfields, stuff about a mailbox, magic, pictures of wizards, medieval combat, a casino and a building that looks like a modern hospital!

6. Some of the screens are quite gaudy and I'm not very keen on the black background - it looks quite like an early Ultima game. Not a big issue though as the game isn't so much about flashy graphics...

7. A few typos:
"Greetings Peasent" -> "Greetings peasant"
"You recieve a fine" -> "You receive a fine"

8. I encountered one bug where the game quit with the message "Music bank not found". Sorry, but I don't have any more info about it. There do seem to be a number of bugs in the code.

The game has potential but I think that you need to make it more intuitive and find a theme. Some problems conspire to prevent players from even getting to play the game. The adventure/strategic battle genre can be great (see King's Bounty, for example) but there is still some work to do (I know that you've put a lot of work into it already).

I've added a HOL entry for it:
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