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Im terminally ill!!

Every day I bring my zip drive into work along with 8 zip disks..
I feel terrible when I dont fill them up completely...

Its even got to the stage where I visit more and more obscure (usually chinsese) websites clicking on links that say $%^&**((* etc.. in the hope that they will take me to a roms/adf oasis! (sometimes if I stare at the links long enough Im sure I can make out the work "ROM" amongst all the squiggles..

I admit I download everything anywhere.. If I add a link to gozilla and it says 'add as mirror' or 'save as different name' rename I always save as different name in the hope that the golden nugget in the zip file *may* be different!

Tonight I shall drink my self silly in a sea of adfs as I have received 15!! cds from Methanoid..

there is no cure.....
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