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I would say the primary reason was the incredibly poor marketing stragem provided by CBM.

1. Doomed before Launch ?
after all launching modified A1200 with no dedicated software... i cannot name one game that used the akiko chip (chunky to planner / vice versa).
there was no real NEW technology brake through a 32bit console had been SOooooOOoo done.... look what happened to the Jaguar

2. Would it not be better to develop more?
Released in an age where the console market was saturated with good and CHEAP consoles (SNES / MEGADRIVE) with fantastic games and support (peripherals etc)

3. Better competition ? prelude the PSX
The 3DO was released in and arround, the same time and this could watch movie cd's that needn't be converted to CDXL format first. because of this the inclusion sceens were much better thusly making the game feel better produced etc..

4. Longevity or dead platform ?
biggest let down for the CD32 after the debacle of marketing stratagy was no dedicated software, if you had an A1200 with CDROM and HDD a cd32 was a poor runner in comparison and anyone whom knew an amiga user new that.

5. Style, good / bad or just indifferent.
Personally i didn`t mind the syle of the Cd32, but in truth i was not inspiried by it either, take the small sleek lines of the SNES or the MEGADRIVE, perhaps even the sheer dominating style of the 3D0 block next to the VCR.

6. Sega / Nintendo V's Bullit Proof CBM
After the Amiga / ST wars left a lot of smugg peeps at CBM believing that after a hit with the C64 then the A500 followed by the A1200 (not to mention the HUGE business sucess of the A1000 /2000/3000 and 4000)
they where infalible.

7. the 4 year itch
CBM had not realised that the first 2 years in a consoles markets life you opperate at loss but the remainder at proffit.. something Atari's Jag, Philips 3DO, Segas Saturn, Nintendos Game Cube and more recently Microsofts XBOX proved. Had CBM done thier homework it would of been obvious that to release an non hardware competative in a relatively young market. please note the Atari Jaguar had a lot more technical and hardware abilities and even this failed. why?

8. And back to the marketing structure.
Exatly how do you advertsie? is it the machine or the software. I have been in the IT indusrty for many years and to make THE money you dont sell the hardware or the software indepenently you sell the SOLUTION, whom rembers the adverts for mortal kombat on tv? i can even remember some nintendo adverts cool were they not? *anyone remember an Amiga game on tv?* I remeber the CD32 advert "just the console none of the games". Today's marketing stratagey has all these games looking fly and yummy on TV / Cinima etc and then at the end its Nintendo XBOX or PS2 the solution..

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