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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd
i noticed the same, only the CD0 driver is installed, amikit chooses my LG DVD burner and not my Toshiba DVD drive as the first drive. You need to install also the cachecdfs driver for CD1 and CD2 (the daemon-tools drive).
taken from Tips&Tricks page, again

If you want to enable the support for more than one CD/DVD drive, simply move the CD1 (CD2, CD3, CD4) file from AmiKit:Storage/DosDrivers/ to AmiKit: Devs/DosDrivers/. For temporary activation of these drives simply click the boingball located on the taskbar -> Utilities -> System -> DOS Drivers -> and choose the drive you want to activate.

PS: I was afraid of getting "CD1 not found" message during the startup, that's why CD0 is installed only...

Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd
btw: I've noticed that the thumbnails from OS3.5 & png icons are not shown correctly in the icon information screen.
nice Workbench-only setup Retro-Nerd! Since you're not using DOpus, put RAWBInfo back to WBStartup. You should find it in AmiKit:WBStartup/Disabled.

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