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Just had a test try before going to bed.

looks NICE!!!!!!!!! Except for one teeny little thing.....I think the author has been a teensy weensy bit around WinXP and WinVista beta's too much :P

EXTREME on eyecandy......I'm normally happy with just a very basic OS GUI, which allows me todo what I want. This one......I'll have a more indepth look, to try an get the feel of it.

loads pretty quickly on an Sempron2600+/1GB RAM nVidia Geforce 4MX/128RAM, at least in the bootpart you've done a decent job.

Like I said.....I'll have a more indepth look at it tomorrow.....

I'm not sure what use I have of all that eyecandy, though.....maybe I'm stuck in the 1993 "6MB should be enough for most games" world still :P
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