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Thanks for the feedback! It may sound odd considering you just bagged my demo pretty bad, but really I do prefer constructive criticism to pointless praise.

"One Minute Mind" really is my favorite demo of the bunch. AON/chorus is the BEST tracker for amiga, even if it is in german and I can't understand most of it! My next demo shall be most similar to that than "suck on this"

I should maybe point out that I have only been coding for about a month (one week when I released "suck on this", which I was working on for all of three days - music gfx and code), and really need an experienced coder.

As for your comments about the music. Have you ever heard the saying "different strokes for different folks"? It's funny. Half the feedback I get on my music is along the lines of "what a GOD AWFUL NOISE!" and the other half is "MY GOD, that shit is AMAZING! How do you get that sound out of 2-4 Channels 8-bit", And it seems to me that people who like experimental, industrial, etc. LOVE my music, so much so that I had to block YAHOO and HOTMAIL from my email because of all the unsolicited praise (it's gotten worse than the penis pills :^). So I Ignore your comments on my music, because I have heard it before, and it's obviously just not your cup of tea. I notice that demo fans mostly just don't get it, but ppl who know nothing about the scene mostly love it. Personally I don't really understand either P.O.V., to me it's just something I do to express my feelings.
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