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Originally Posted by glwxxx
ok Amigaz,
  1. what hardware do you have?
  2. what source of OS have you used?
  3. does the SAFEMODE work for you all the time?
  4. if not, rename WBStartup drawer as well and try again.
  5. in normal startup-sequence, try to disable ShowAmiga96, so you can see what is happening behind the picture during the boot process. Like it is written in website, IPrefs might crash sometimes. In that case, try to increase the value of WAIT commands before and after the IPrefs in startup-sequence. (eg. C:Wait 3)
  6. ehm, no more ideas... try to use the AmiKit forum
1. Dual Xeon 2.66ghz, 1gig ram, Windows XP Pro
2. OS3.9
3. havent tried yet
4. will try
5. will check

thanks for your advice, will try these things out
I'm kinda against emulators since my religion is using real Amiga's but this package and others lika AmigaSys is really cool and I might use some bits of it on my real Amiga's, hope to see AmiKit also for real Amiga's

btw, how do you get those menu's and stuff transparent?
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