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Heh, it's the first time in my whole EAB life that a post of mine is edited by a mod thx Amigaboy

Anyway, I just couldn't wait 'til tomorrow, I just installed the english version now and take a quick look...

It indeed is ALL in english! And I was reading a forum , it looks like the guy who translated is just 13 years old!
It doesn't have a help file (Like the other MAKERS programs), but it has a readme file that I didn't read yet.
It contains all the GFX,MIDIs and WAVS from the japanese version too (i.e. not many)
There are a few glitches in the GUI (like some words being cut in the end, or the resolutions not showing properly), but not too much annoying
And it seems like I was wrong about parallax... it seems like you can have SIXTEEN layers of parallax, but I still have to take a deeper look..
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