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When I posted comments about your games its because I am a huge fan of games in the style of 7 realms, where nothing is as simple as just building a charector and killing x number of bad guys in order to finish the game in under an HOUR.....because games like that only get played once or twice.
Many of todays gamers have been spoilt by GRAPHICS overload and they fail to enter into a game because the BOX isn't flash enough never mind the gameplay once loaded.

Your games appeal to thinkers Turbo2xs & that means your having to pitch your game in a totally different way than someone making yet another Tetris clone

Its harder for you to get feedback because you ave to find your audience rather than waiting for them to come to you, this means that while you still predominently write for Amiga your contact area is shrinking , proportionally to the number of OLD skool fans of the genre on Amiga.

Maybe its time to look at DUAL platform releases , because while your soul belongs to MIGGY your creative side is being stiffled by lack of feedback & acknloedgement

Maybe a LINUX release is NOT such a bad idea after all ? as I would NEVER curse you to the DARK SIDE

what do you think??

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