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Seriously - Can I get some feedback?

Of all the sites that are devoted to the Amiga, I would expect to get a little more feedback for my games (largely Battle Circle) on this one. (I mentioned this long ago - but more vaguely)

While I've had some positive comments - they seem to come from people that merely have looked at the screens or played a cursory game.

I would rather hear criticism than promises to play or faint praise. [Well actually - I'd rather hear that you liked/loved it/them, if the truth be told ]

I push the issue as I think the game is damn fun; as did my friends at the time when I programmed it.

So I ask you: Can't you take 30-60 minutes to try it?

This is not so much an ego issue as - well - I think that this would be worth your time - Time enjoyed. That was always my goal; not money for the game, rather the hope/desire that I could give back to the Amiga community (which was quite strong back then! ). How is this a bad thing?

After this I shall let the issue drop if given no reason to persist as I would know that there is no point. 10 years to late..
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