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Roll eyes (sarcastic) Do you also have the sickness?

Here are the symptoms of a disease I am sure afflicts many of us here:

1) Bloating: Your hard drives contain several gigabytes of DMS and ADF files, 99.9% of which you will never unpack and load, much less play! You are especially keen on thinking about those disks not recognized by the latest TOSEC dats.

2) Thirst: You still want more and more. You don't care that the ones you might not have are surely crap (Chronicles of Omega) but that doesn't stop you: YOU MUST HAVE THEM ALL.

3) Fevers and hallucinations: You think strange thoughts. Somehow you really believe there is a connection between your Amiga, Gary Coleman and the Brady kids. In other words, you find nothing odd about the images posted by Frederic (Fredthegreat).

Feel free to tell me your story. When did you realize you had the disease? Was it when you found yourself giddy to discover that Skyfox now works under the latest WinUAE? I realized it when I physically removed the hard drive from my machine at work, took it home, and installed it on my home computer so I could copy all the 1000's of ADFs I downloaded.

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