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JoBro, several shortcomings of (especially) DOS was fixed and corrected with AmigaDOS, even in 1985, with the first A1000.

I mean, long-ish filenames (DOS had 8.3, AmigaDOS 31 characters, even UNIX was limited to 16, if I remember correctly)

The ability to "Assign" a drive to a directory. Novell's "Search drive mapping" was okay....but if you changed directory under one of the mapped drives, the computer was totally confused, whereas devs: no matter what you did, always points to "SYSevs"

The ability to access a drive with several names. Like....your startup-disk, can be accessed by typing Workbench: SYS: or DH0: for example (this depends a little bit on what you have actually named the drive, and what the actual partition is called, but the theory is the same)

have you ever worked with DOS, and had to format several drives at the same time? in DOS you'll have to format one drive at the time. On the Amiga, the sentence "run format drive df0: name empty" causes the prompt to return, and you can type "run format drive dh0: name silly" and voila, two drives are formatted at the same time.

In my mind, it's too bad Commodore never knew what they had their hands on....... because if they did, the world would likely look different today
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