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Originally Posted by gary
The original Lemmings had a split screen 2 player mode. Each player had their own team of lemmings (which only they could control) and their own destination 'door'. The doors were usually placed at opposite ends of the level meaning that both players would interfere with other in order to save their lemmings while the opponents were 'accidentally' sabotaged

I don't know why other versions didn't include the 2 player mode - maybe because owning 2 'mice' back then was rare. PC owners missed out on this altogether. How sad
Only got the chance to play this a couple times 2-player... mate with a ST had a ST/Amiga switchable mouse, brought it around for some Lemmings mayhem! Awesome fun!
(Gary - the 2-player version is on your CD32-200 compilation, yes? Still haven't finished downloading the damn thing... )

Spy vs Spy - never had this on Ami, but played all 3 extensively on C64.

For more than 2 players... Master Blaster was awesome! A group of my friends would play it for hours every weekend for a while there... I made a 4-player adaptor for some 5-player fun (one on keyboard).
(then the disk died... and the next version of it was limited to 3 players unless you registered )

For those fans of Bubble Bobble... check out this open-source version on SourceForge - lets you have up to 10 players on a LAN!
(haven't tried it myself, but it sounds good...)
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