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Ya' like it Retr0?
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LOL, hey demi-god is good

Yeah i have to bitterly admit for microsoft environments, VB has come on a very long way.. *was using it at work a while back too... * especial etc and i find its in the adaption of multiple language that truely makes a programmer

taught myself C about 15/16 years ago *was taught pascal at school *yuck*. then a few years after that whent and got a company qualificaion at MicroTech in Sys Analysis, program design methodology, C/C++ and some other stuff lol... and been using pretty much commercailly ever since...

*HEHEH* all about the retro... yeah.... i love that.... but you need not fear the 3rd dimesion my friend.... the best way to license / reuse multiple sources for 3d engines... and the more i think about it, it would be nice to re-engineer a vecorised version of a few yummy amiga games.... maybe even make 'em multiplayered *hehe*
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