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WinAmInfo aproved on

So the development has started. What I need is different drawer info's from each and every OS available.on the Amiga. Drop them to






If you're sending them now before DFmaker is out then please make sure that you follow these rules below:

Submit a text file compatible with Windows containing the following info:

Your full first and last names (obligatory)
Your nickname (obligatory)
Your group (obligatory)
email (optional)
homepage (optional)
Short description minimum 50 chars (obligatory)
Full description minimum 200 chars (obligatory)

Files must be named, so if you submit a prefs for OS1.3 it should be named if you submit a trashbin info for OS205:

And if you can, please provide a picture in jpg format 80x50 showing the resulting info.

Amiga users, you can pack with LHA, I can get my head around extracting such files.

Oh yeah and one last thing: Make sure that you put ".INFO submition" in the subject field or else the email will be classed as spam.

Thanks in advance!
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