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okay, The Best 2 player Games eh?
(there are many... lets limmit it to Amiga only... heh.. dont change much)

okies.... top err 4 of the following subsets

Non Null Modem Link Games

A500 and OCS/ECS chipsets

2) Laser Squad - Moon bass assualt!!! just awsome
3) SWIV - classic
4) Gauntlet

AGA chipsets

1) Hired Guns
2) Sabre Team
3) Worms DC
4) Jag Xj220

*Null modem Linked Games

OCS / ECS chipsets

1) Stunt Car racer
2) Knights of the Sky

AGA chipsets

1) Gunship 2000 ( i just checked HOL, imma sure it was 2plr link hmmm)

okay.... brains outa steam, i'l think of some more later lol...
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