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Sorry, but we have a strict rule to have all our movies in h264, except the very first one we added (wmv). All movies should be uploaded to us and if they meet the requirements, like no missing game time in the beginning (that's why everyone should start recording a few secs before the stage starts, and stop recording a few secs after the level or game ends, we cut, brand etc). Also, it must be either a Full recording (complete game from the beginning till the end) or a Partial recording (just ONE stage, not two or more). Havn't seen your movie so don't know.

If you want it on our site, it must meet the requirements and be converted by us to h264 and branded with the propper text. If we used different codecs, people might get viewing problems cuz we might change the codec on our page to just a plain h264 codec instead of the codec pack which we use right now. So pm me the link or post it here if you agree to let us recode/brand it. If not, don't you have the source?, if so, upload it instead.

And just so you know, if it's not a speedrun quality movie, that's fine by me, but if 2 people upload a faster version of the same game, yours will be removed. We will only keep the 2 top fastest movies

The movies are displayed like this:

Game X -30 mins by dude1 <---- record holder

now, if someone beats him.. it will look like this

Game X -25 mins by dude2 <--- record holder
Game X -30 mins by dude1 <--- previous record holder

now... if one more person submits a movie even faster, the current slowest one will be removed as we will only keep the 2 top fastest movies

But I'm sure noone will... atleast not for a long time

Anyway, before anything happens, we need to see it first.
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