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Believe it or not, the cheapy-cheap plain ones were the ones I used first, they loaded eventually... but anyway... I now think my cd32 laser maybe off slightly.

If this gets posted in another help thread then ok, but to be honest I started this thread to do with this compilation, so will type this here for now.

The cd spins up, then kinda reverse spins for a second, slows down, then stops, then spins up again... this repeats for say 12 times, until something loads.

With the games & demos comp in this thread, it usually loads the title screen fine, then seems to take an extra 30 seconds to load the music. But it's when I select either Games or Demos (red or blue button) that it takes forever loading, sometimes not loading at all! Constant spin ups, stop spin, spin up again, stop spin, etc etc. And to move from A section to B section sometimes takes almost 2 mins!

Ok, obviously you're thinking, try other cds, especially originals. Well I have a few backup copies and originals. The original of Liberation works perfectly!The backup of Liberation (which I burnt a good 2 years ago) seems to take longer and sometimes does this same thing of cd spin stopping, then retrying. Simon the Sorcerer Original skipped once when loading speech during the intro, kinda funny how the last second of speech is repeated like a stuck record, as the cd spins, stops, spins, stops, spins and then loads the next part. The backup seemed to work fine. Also the intro to the backup of Pinball Illusions, the music on the 2nd opening credits (just before you select the table) was about 45 seconds late due again to the failed loading and re-spinning.

So... does anyone know about re-aligning the cd laser? I remember a page on the net from a good 2 or 3 years ago, but cannot find anything now.

Also, has anyone else ever experienced this problem? Almost my entire collection of about 50 cd32 original games seem to be fine, but a few skipped and had to re-spin a few times to load.

I'm tempted just to buy a new cd32, I remember my old CD32 had similar problems, but only with backup cds... strangely I used to find that by tilting the console slightly it would load everything perfectly. Sadly that doesn't help this one.

Can anyone help? Or has anyone had this problem before?

<< Sorry if this thread should be moved, if I add anything new to this, I'll do it in a new thread in Problems section >>
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