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I meant the whole "programming god" as a bit of sarcasm really.....I'm good, but I'm not *that* good.

So Zetro, you played my asteroids game then? You like it?

Personally I love VB over other languages because it's rapid, easy to read, and very flexible.

I taught myself C, C++, and Pascal years ago, but when VB came along I never looked back.

I've recently made the switch (at work) to VB.NET, which is nice, as it's now a fully OOP language with some pretty powerful features.

Still, you learn to get around things like the absence of inheritance and overloading in VB6. Sure, you have to adapt your programming style a bit, but I can easily switch back and forth between approaches when I'm coding at work, and coding at home.

I'm a Database Programmer professionally, so I spend most of my time buried in SQL queries and ADO.

Games programming is "light" relief by comparison!

3D that scares me.

I wrote my own raycaster engine a while back, worked pretty well and looked quite nice, but beyond that, I get a bit lost.

Besides, working as a one-man team, attempting to write something like Quake would take me the rest of my life!

It's all about the retro, in my opinion.

One of the best games to come out recently was StarScape - a fantastic looking retro-style space shooter from Moonpod Games. If anyone's looking for a decent, modern retro-shooter I highly suggest you check it out. You can download a demo for free from moonpod games' site to get a feel for it, and it's not really that expensive to buy, anyway.

Anyway, I've rambled enough. Better do some work, as that's where I am.

And I've demoted myself to Demi-God.

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