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This is good but I was thinking about this as an ADDITION to the normal 1 player and 2 player modes

There is so much you could add if you wanted to spend the time researching/implementing it.. but I appreciate that these things need to be finished at some point

Originally Posted by DaphydTheBard
The danger with writing this sort of game is that you restrict your player base immediately. That, or you have to write some pretty good AI code for "mr no friends". Personally I'm a "solo" gamer, which is why I play games like X2:The Threat (and now X3:Reunion) a lot, because I can spend time by myself and do my own thing.

That being said, I *am* married!! But my wife hates computer games, and I don't get to see any of my buddies much, so I tend to like games I can play alone.

I'll give this some thought, but my aim here is to bring Xenon into the 21st Century and try and re-capture the magic
Also do you think the Word GIGABLAST goes better than GYGABLAST.. the reason I mention this is because it sounds more associated with megablast
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