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Originally Posted by bippym
ll as 2 player simultaneous how about 2 player with 1 ship?

I player controls the ship and the other the weapons and firing etc..

The game could be changed enuff to make it harder etc!

Just a thought!
Funnily enough my best friend and I were discussing this sort of idea recently.

We were trying to think of a new twist to the shmup formula, and one of the things we considered was either what you said, about 1 ship with 2 people controlling it, or having 2 seperate ships, but that have different abilities, like only one can collect pickups, etc.

The danger with writing this sort of game is that you restrict your player base immediately. That, or you have to write some pretty good AI code for "mr no friends". Personally I'm a "solo" gamer, which is why I play games like X2:The Threat (and now X3:Reunion) a lot, because I can spend time by myself and do my own thing.

That being said, I *am* married!! But my wife hates computer games, and I don't get to see any of my buddies much, so I tend to like games I can play alone.

I'll give this some thought, but my aim here is to bring Xenon into the 21st Century and try and re-capture the magic
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