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Originally Posted by weasel_ch
So ... for someone who has never burned a CD for the PS2, how exactly does that work ? What needs to be burned to CD ????

If you got a Mod-Chip, this is easy. You only need to care for a few things.

1) Burn CD/DVD in ISO1-Mode (Joliet doesnt hurts, but usually doesnt helps either ).
2) Place the app on the root dir. The booting file (usually .ELF extension) must be uppercase 8.3 Format (ISO1-Restriction). In most cases all files must be uppercase Names.
3) Add a SYSTEM.CNF File, it tells the PS2 which file to boot. Take the SYSTEM.CNF from a PS2-Game and edit the first line. ex.:
BOOT2 = cdrom0:\SLES_507.03;1
VER = 1.00
BOOT2 = cdrom0:\MYAPP.ELF;1
VER = 1.00
4) optionally you can copy as much additional stuff on the CD/DVD, but theres a restriction that the root-dir must only have a few Files/Folders - I think 7 is the limit. For example you could place a menu-App (Launchelf) on the root, and add a dozend different apps in a Folder on the same cd.

Without a Chip (wg. Swaptrick ) you additionally must ensure the Boot-Executable is placed on a specific sector on the Disc. I never used that method, so I dont know how you`d do that

PS. The control in Flashback is quite troublesome, you cant duck and then roll, atleast not controllable. Seems like its not handling "diagonal" input.

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