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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Mr O, that is most definately Awesome, imma so off to write my very own Operating system in BrainFuck ))... o wait.... bill beat me to it.... but i dont think he got the gist of it though.... its supposed to be small..... well it gives me somthing to do on sunday.

Urban Muller..... where do i know that name from,.... its gonna bug me.....

was it aminet?? or some wb on amiga..... hmmmmm

Oh and NOB.... dude.... simply classic!!!....

Oh and Daphyd, hmmm programming god eh? .... thems some big trousers to be wearing in this forum missy theres some damn good coders here.... most of them eat high level languages like C, C++ 8703ASM and Java with thier cornflakes for extra fiber...... not to sure about Visual Basic though.. i am sure it will stump 'em for a bit..... i generally have to choke that one down ..

But seriously Awesome work, I really love asteriods

*hehe* still chuckling over what NOB said.... funny.... now i am going to play with my calculator to make it say boobies after a 25th Reduction of N squared by some scaling vector.... *hehe*


Nice shades Daphyd.... nice shades.....
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