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Just one thing about burning CD32 isos:
You don't need to use CD-R from trademarks like Verbatim, BASF or other any "well-known" trademark
Because as you surely know, the CD32 drive IS NOT made to read CD-R in fact
Some expensive CD-Rs have some additionnal layers to protect your CD like Gold layer etc..etc...
It's not better in any way because the laser of the CD32 is not powerfull enough to go through those additional layer and read the CD successfully and fast...
As you surely know, CD-R needs more laser power to be read....

The best result i've got with CD-R on my real CD32 is by using the CHEAPEST CD-R of the world and burning it In 2X speed..
I mean CD-R in splindle with no printing on it.........
It has worked for my friends too

About Os Flashing and loading, Whitesnake is right:
It's because of WHDLoad wich loads all the data in ram, so when there is not enough ram to put the program in it, WHDload just take a pause to refresh ram with new datas and unload used ones when it's needed.....
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