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Originally Posted by DaphydTheBard
Programming is like any other hobby. Anyone can do it, but doing it WELL takes time, practice and patience.
You're so right, I guess I've never really set aside the time.

My father's a programmer / electrical engineer. He knows quite a few different languages, I think atleast five. From memory, C++, Cobalt, Oracle, SQL etc. He used to design automated systems while working at HoneyWell...

Originally Posted by DaphydTheBard
Games programming for me is a both a hobby and a passion - I love it.

Being able to imagine a game in your head, and then sit down and make it a reality is a very rewarding experience.
I can imagine. The only thing I've really created are a few basic VB things in Excel / Access. I do enjoy writing batch files though. At work I've made a few cool boot disks for connecting to different servers, played around with ASCII menus, colours etc... LOL

It is good when something comes together as you've imagined. Especially after you know all the hard work that's gone into it has paid off...

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