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Hey All

I've just started work on a Xenon 2 sequel, for the PC.

I'm using most of the original graphics from Xenon II, with some minor tweaks such as colour changes, etc.

Whilst I'm at this early stage of development, if anyone has any suggestions or ideas for things they'd like to see in a Xenon game, post them here, and I'll take them into consideration.

Planned Features:

All of the original weapons from Xenon II, plus some new ones.

A level editor for you budding shmup fans

A random level generator, for endless hours of fun.

A 2 player mode, allowing both players to be on-screen simultaneously.

Re-worked shop, allowing you to determine which slot weapons go in, ie. Nose, Tail, Left Wing 1/2, Right Wing 1/2.

I'm going to include asteroids in the game as well, like in Xenon 2000.

Post your ideas here!
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