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Thanks for your post ChrisBrownUK, Has anyone else experienced this problem (Or perfection!?) on a real CD32?

I've tried Fireburner, just burning the ISO, my CD32 couldn't read it, seems to want me to set everything up (which I've no idea how) before burning.

I've coastered a few cds, but Nero 5.5.10 burnt it automatically without even asking me the basics such as DAO or TAO etc, it just got on with it and it works.... but slowly.... very very slow loading speeds.

For example, even on the menu, just to get from section A to section B in games/demos takes a good 30 seconds of loading (the laser seems to spin the cd, then stop it, then spin up again, then stop, repeating this a few times until it finally gets the info it needs!) on all games this is the same.

I have other games and they all load fine, so I'm thinking maybe it's my choice of cheap cdroms? I've always burnt at 2x speed.

I'm going out of my mind here! But I'll stick with it and try some new cds in the mean time!
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